This is What Passes for Journalism at New York's Gatehouse Media-owned AGN.

Sinclair Media Owned KVII Actively Promotes City Council Propoganda

Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law / Official Oppression

Thornberry's Support of GOP's Tax Bill will Hurt Amarillo

Brent Barbee Retirement

Update on Clapping Incident

Amarillo Matters to be Added to Federal Lawsuit

Mayor Nelson has a Meltdown

KVII Exposed as Part of the Sinclair Propaganda Network 

Could Someone Please Explain?

The Saga, Part 1 of ? aka Denney vs Sirmon


The Homeless Experts

The Saga (Part ? of ?)

Better (one week) Late Than Never

News Blackout!, March 6, 2018


Don't Let the Door Hit You!, March 5, 2017

Amarillo City Attorney Mick McKamie Is A Liar, February 27, 2018

Is Councilmember Sauer A Criminal?, February 26, 2018

A (banking) Star Is Born, December 03, 2017

Time for the Council's Biennial Rubber-Stamp of Judge Letson, October 22, 2017

Mayor Nelson Confesses, October 15, 2017

Potter County Officials' Failure to Act Results in Death of Teen, October 12, 2017

Do you have information on unscrupulous landlords?

I'm Not the Only One That Viewed the State of the City Address as a Campaign Event, October 07, 2017

Abuse and Misuse of WT Enterprise Challenge, October 05, 2017

Criminal Complaint Filed Regarding TOMA October 05, 2017

Was this a Campaign Event or a City Event? October 05, 2017

Is the Mayor using City funds to fund her campaign? October 2, 2017

Who Does Mayor Nelson Think She is Fooling?  July 3, 2017

Commissioner Church to Constituent: Your Well-Reasoned Argument is Unreasonable, July 3, 2017

 Has City Hall Been Intentionally Violating TOMA? June 3, 2017

 Is Mayor Nelson an Investor in the Hotel?  May 21, 2017Was this a Campaign Event or a City Event? October 05, 2017 

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The gulf in Amarillo between what people in-the-know will tell you privately and what gets reported is as wide and deep as Palo Duro Canyon.  It's well past the time the citizens of the area were truly informed. 


 Amarillo Exposed does not accept advertising and does not endorse candidates.  Other news sources are propped up by their advertisers and business ties.  They must therefore remain ever-vigilant not to report anything that might upset their benefactors and/or friends.  And we all know how this town operates:  those that support truth-telling are retaliated against.  By not accepting advertising, the very real possibility of retaliation is reduced.  That's why your donations to support this work are needed.   


Here is a sample of the things we strive to cover:

Unethical behavior/incompetence by local judges/bar members 


 Political Incompetence/Corruption/Influence 

Corporate Corruption

 Misconduct/misuse of office


Child abuse/endangerment

Violation of tenants' rights

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