Note to the Municipal Court May 30, 2017

I understand that you have read my web site and are monitoring the information on my web site to be propaganda and that you "know who I am.".   FYI, here is the definition of propaganda according to google:

 derogatory: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

"he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda"

I don't include my name on my web site, but my name is readily available.  I don't want this web site to be only about me or self-promotion.  And I certainly don't want to invite more threats on me or my friends.  I and my friends have already been subjected to enough, as you well know.

Not listing my name or address and not having a social media presence provides only a superficial sense of security.  The real danger is from local authorities and/or their cronies.  Not because I've done anything wrong but because they have no qualms about using their position to protect the status quo.  And as your bailiff has already informed me through the friend to which he delivered your threats, you know who I am and you have me under watchful eye. 

I want this web site to expose the truth.  What is it about the truth that you find so threatening and propagandist?  Are you afraid of the truth?  I do have opinions.  Is there something unlawful about having opinions? 

 For instance, I have expressed an opinion objecting to retired APD Captain Milton Pool thinking that participation in voyeurism, rape, kidnapping, torture, murder and numerous other crimes make police officers more identifiable to the average person.  Do you disagree with my opinion?

I have an opinion that misuse of public assets/finances by public officials is wrong.  Do you disagree with that opinion? 

I disagree with debtors' prisons.  Do you differ from that opinion? 

I disagree with misusing/abusing the criminal justice system for the benefit of cronies.  Do you disagree with that opinion?

I disagree with judges abusing defendants' (including minors') rights.  Do you disagree with that opinion? 

I disagree with judges who use their positions and public assets for political purposes.  Do you disagree with that opinion?

I disagree with judges who's family members harass and threaten and intimidate citizens.   Do you disagree with that opinion?

I disagree with unethical behavior of attorneys.  Do you disagree with that opinion?

I disagree with City officials threatening citizens in attempts to silence them.  Do you disagree with that opinion?

I disagree with corruption in the courthouse.  Do you disagree with that opinion?

I disagree with judges who violate long-stated policy and then refuse to answer questions about their actions.  Do you disagree with that opinion?

If I have made a factual error, then I invite you to submit a correction.

If you disagree with any of the above opinions, I invite you to submit your opinions and I will publish them.

Here's all the proof you need.

The powers that run this town don't give a shit about the voice of most of the citizens.  This web site is proof.  I would venture to guess that my web site represents the voice of many more citizens than the number of people that voted in the multiples.  And despite their lofty promises during the campaign, not one of the elected officials will respond to questions.  The only person that responded, City Attorney Mick McKamie, quickly fell silent as soon as he realized I wasn't going to allow him to manipulate the discussion away from controversial topics.  They don't give a shit about most of us.  Their focus is on putting money in their pockets no matter that they are using taxpayer money to do it and decimating the rest of the City in the process.


It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway.  Unless I am given specific permission, all persons who are vulnerable to retaliation by the power structure will remain anonymous. The reason should be obvious.  If it is not obvious to you, consider yourself fortunate.

Big Talkers. Follow through, not so much. Update on May 19, 2017

No response from any of the new council members or the Mayor.  I contacted the city secretary about when I might expect a response or, in the alternate, the best way to contact each of the newly-elected.  Crickets.  

Oh, they were all big talkers during the campaign.  After the election....silence.

I have broadened out my questions to include those involved in downtown development.  So far, no response.  I have also begun filing open records requests.  More soon.

2nd update of May 18, 2017

  • Speaking of threats, conflicted City Attorney Mick McKamie (who has shown open hostility to open government) threatened citizens at a recent City Council meeting.  Of course, none of it was reported by the local media and the City Council either encouraged it or kept their mouths shut when it happened.
  • This is nothing new for city attorneys.  Mick McKamie's buddy, Marcus Norris was observed red faced and screaming at Mark Nair shortly after Nair was elected. 
  • The APD was also called out to the City Council meeting in force after the three amigos were elected.  When I did an open records request to find out who was behind this intimidation tactic, I got a letter from Marcus Norris claiming that they could not reveal the information because it was related to terrorist activities.  I guess they consider citizens  terrorist for asking questions.
  • And when I wasn't being lied to by the City Attorney, attempts were being made to silence me.  Two different slates of council members refused to answer my questions.  Instead, they attempted to stop me from asking any more questions by blocking my emails.
  • When that didn't work (because I began submitting open records requests via the USPS) open records laws were blatantly violated.  Councilman Eades was the worst.  He just refused to even bother to respond to my open records requests.  The same is true of multiple Justices of the Peace.  They blatantly ignored my requests, thereby violating open records laws.
  • Not to worry.  Complaints about open records requests will go nowhere.  Complaints are to the Potter County Attorney's office.  I caught Dave Kemp blatantly lying with regard to requests I made about Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner's use of public facilities for a private function.  He argued that no official business took place at the event.  IT WAS HER F-ING SWEARING IN CEREMONY.  He proved himself a liar went he subsequently wrote in the letter that a public record existed of the swearing in at an event where he claimed no public business took place.  This guy could out Trump Trump.
  • But, that's par for the Potter County Attorney's office.  They  serve, not so much as a law enforcement agency as an agency managing criminal activity and running protections rackets for their cronies.  Again, I have the court filings to back it up.

Oh, and I added one more category to the issues I will be covering.  Check it out on the home page.

As you can see, there is A LOT of ground to cover.  And I have still barely touched on the issues surrounding downtown development and the many other issues facing this town.

May 18, 2017

  1. As of 5:30pm, I have received no response.  I emailed the City Secretary to find out when I might expect a response and the best way to contact the Mayor and each of the council members.
  2. This afternoon I had a very telling conversation with a young man working at a local coffee shop.  I told him about the web site.  His response:  "Isn't that dangerous?"  I told him that, yes, it is.  And I have suffered the consequences of standing up to corruption but I intend to continue. Even baristas get it.  And, by that, I don't mean to disparage baristas.  In fact, I have known many who are much more ethical than the people running this town.
  3. Speaking of threats, check out this article at the Simple Justice blog:, note the following comment posted by someone self identifies as Potter County Court at Law Judge Corky Roberts:   masonJune 22, 2009 at 2:18 amhey fuck u, u fucking pussy bitch. Ur probably on this godamn page talkin shit on other people just to feel better about urself. Corky Roberts happens to be my grandad. how about u come DOWN to texas and get ur fucking teeth kicked in u fucking kike. grow a sack and go fuck urself pussy,
    Mason Pierce.
    Fuck u and UR family 
  4. Speaking of the Potter County Court at Law, I have witnessed Judge Robert violating minors' rights by dispensing with their cases in open court.  Not one of the attorneys present, inclduding Cody Pirtle, who brought the violation to my attention, said anything to stop the violation.  I guess they were afraid of Judge Roberts' grandson.
  5. I have been threatened by both Potter County Court at Law Judges.    Judge Roberts threatened me in his official capacity.  It's on the record.  Judge Pamela Sirmons' family members have harassed me and threatened me.  As soon as I figure out how, I will post the voice mail messages left on my answering machine.
  6. This town operates on threats.  The threats are implied.  If you don't heed the implied threats, they get much more overt.  Baristas are smart enough to understand this.  
  7. Then there are the threats by the Amarillo College administration who used a student to make threats against those who exposed unethical behavior by AC.
  8. Then there are the APD and the Potter County Attorneys office who carried out retaliation on behalf of Greg Mitchell and others.  And I have the court filings to prove it.  Much more on that at a later date.
  9. And while I am at it, I might as well mention this.  Muncipal Court Judge and former Potter County Attorney Sonya Letson violated stated court policy when she entered a plea on my behalf.  She then refused to answer questions about her breach.  And the City Council, who appointed her, refused my requests for answers.  That's the problem.  Ordinary citizens aren't worthy of ethical treatment in this town and don't get responses to questions.  Oh, and did I mention, ex Potter County Attorney Sonya Letson's husband was named to replace Dave Kemp (who quietly slunk out the back door after 30 years of service).  Former Sonya Letson protege Scott Brumley named her husband to fill the position.  It's all one big cesspool.  I'll explore all of this in much more depth (as well as the downtown development boondoggle) in the coming months and years.


It's a new day.


Shortly after the swearing in of the new Mayor and Council Members, I contacted each directly to offer congratulations and introduce myself.  And to let them know that the days of business as usual are over in Amarillo.  I asked each of them a very direct question about pertinent issues they will be facing.  As of 10:30 am on May 18, 2017, I have  not received a response from any of them.

Regarding the swearing in ceremony, I noticed that Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner performed the swearing in duties.  The same Nancy Tanner that held a private ceremony on publicly owned property for her swearing in ceremony.  The same Nancy Tanner that approved an event on the courthouse grounds in support of the vote for the MPEV in direct contravention to policies as provided to me by the Potter County Attorney's office.

Blog on the way.

 Considering this web site is being created by someone who has suffered greatly at the hands of the good ol' boys (and girls) network (including public officials who have been directly involved or who have turned a blind eye) this site may be slow to develop.  But I have amassed a LOT of information and have many avenues to pursue.  It won't be for lack of material if this site is slow to develop.  In the meantime, check back often and/or sign up for the email list and I will provide periodic updates. 

It's not about me.

 Although my personal experiences are what drove me to create this site, this is not about me.  It's about the greater community.  People are suffering.  Yes, my story is inextricably linked to the stories I will be telling, but this is a much larger issue.  I will do my best to stay objective. 

I have tried other avenues.

 I have tried going through channels.  I have tried working within the system.  But, obviously, there is too much pressure on elected officials for them to do the right thing.  I don't believe that all of them are bad people, but even the good ones a have failed miserably at pushing back against the good ol' boy network.  It's time to make a change. 

Nothing new.

 When I have been alone with individuals that are "in-the-know", they readily spill their guts about what goes on.  But none of them are willing to do the right thing.  The wife of a high profile attorney once told me that her husband was one of the few honest attorneys in this town.  I thought to myself, how honest could he be if he has a duty to report unethical behavior but refuses to do so? 

From what I can ascertain, even though I only arrived on the scene a little over a decade ago, corruption has been the MO of this town going back decades.  The person that responsible for me coming to this town explicitly informed me that he relocated here specifically BECAUSE he knew he could operate unchecked in this town.  "I saw there wasn't nothin' but a bunch of good ol' boys here..." he told me, implying that he knew he would be free to operate as unethically as he chose.  And he was right.  

It's pervasive across all public departments.

The first step to healing is to stop deluding ourselves.Amarillo has a MAJOR problem. 

The wife of a retired APD Sergeant once gave me a list of individuals I could trust on the police department.  WTF?  Shouldn't we be able to trust ALL employees of law enforcement?  She also told me that a certain former APD employee who was on trial at the time should have been in jail years ago.

To get an idea of the history and pervasiveness of criminal activity on the APD, read Milton Pool's disgusting book, Cops Are People Too.  He brags about voyeurism, blow jobs by strippers in the back of police cars, a buddy who raped his children's underage babysitter, kidnapping, torture and murder.  And he presents it all as though he's bragging.  And he says he has enough for another book.  If this is what he is willing to publish, what did he choose to hold back??  

But the most amazing thing is that a local well-known columnist raved about the book and another so-called journalist bragged to me about being this disgusting homophobic slug's golfing buddy.